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We are Redline Tactical Training, Inc.
committed to providing innovative protection strategies and
advanced tactical training.

Redline Tactical Training is among the top-rated security service companies in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, providing expert consultation and risk assessments, highly trained security personnel, patrol officers, tactical training, security planning, and venue security analysis to a wide array of industries and in many different settings.  Our security personnel partner with hospitals, schools, transportation hubs, government agencies entertainment venues, and religious institutions.  Our security services and assessment planning teams are contracted to keep crowds safe and under control at concerts, sporting events, political rallies, and activist demonstrations.

Redline Tactical Training customizes any security services you require, guards can be put on patrol to supervise the entrances and exits of large organizations, oversee transportation security, and manage the protection of cash and valuables on site.  Redline Tactical Training can also assist with security services for any size business, shopping malls, religious institutions, universities, gated communities, outdoor events, commercial buildings, and any venue where the public gathers.

If you feel that your current security program needs improvement, please allow Redline Tactical Training the opportunity to conduct a physical security assessment customized to your property's safety and security situation.  Our experienced professionals will evaluate your current program and make expert recommendations.

Furthermore, if you are in need of a new program, Redline Tactical Training can develop an integrated plan to cover your needs.  Our focus is to supply your organization with recommendations, planning and expert personnel that increase security,  arrange protection and provide peace of mind.

More About Us

RedLine Tactical Core Promises

Top Quality Personnel

Through Redline Tactical Training’s detailed pre-employment screening process, we make certain that the individuals protecting your property are people of character, skill, temperament and knowledge.   Tactical Security professionals undergo extensive background checks, mandatory drug screening and must pass frequent ethics tests, public interaction, and extensive training protocols.

Expert Assessments

Redline Tactical offers Risk Assessment/ Threat Level security consulting services that will enable you to evaluate your current level of security . To make this determination, Redline can perform a security survey and an audit/analysis of your current security situation. Redline also provides supervised security project implementation, such as access and monitoring system upgrades or installation of remotely accessed video security systems.

Experienced Professionals

Our security cadre is comprised of operators and experienced veterans from all military services Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, and Marine Corps, local, state and National law enforcement and Special Operations Communities (CAG, Dev Gru, Army SF, Recon, Air Force PJ’s, SWAT, FBI HRT).  Our primary objective is to teach students the requisite skills they will need to survive in any environment.

Certified Experiance

Redline Tactical Training security personnel have developed the confidence, expertise and decisiveness they need to make sound decisions in any tactical scenario.  All of our certified professionals were trained using industry best practices from both the military and law enforcement professions, in conjunction with the vast real-world experiences of Redline Tactical Training instructors.   Redline Tactical Training security professionals train continuously year round and are required to maintain those certifications.

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