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Vetted / Verified Professionals

Our security cadre is comprised of personnel from both the military and law enforcement Special Operations Communities.  All of Redline Employees are required to undergo extensive background screening, county, local, state, national and International checks are annually monitored.  Drug and Alcohol screening, educational background and certification checks, and Electronic I-9 Employment Verification are also required.


Dependable & Disciplined Services

When you need armed or unarmed security services for yourself, your property, or your business, or organization you need a company that has the experiance it takes to keep you and the things that matter most to you safe and protected.  At Redline Tactical Security, we strive to share our expertise, and provide your organization with reliable, and discreet private security services, and ensure we have integrity and discipline in everything we do.


Custom Security Plans

The most important part of developing a security strategy is understanding the key elements of the specific organization.  Redline feels it is essential to understand overall threats and vulnerabilities, the ones which can impact a particular organization is vital.  Redline’s security strategists work directly with each client on how much manpower, time and budget is required to develop organization specific security policies and controls.


Expert Security Strategy

Redline develops a custom security strategy in a detailed process that involves initial assessment, planning, implementation and constant monitoring.  This process includes a combination of actions that counter imaginable threats and vulnerabilities: policies and procedures, access management measures, communications systems, technologies and systems integration practices.

Assessment – Teamwork – Strategy

1 Redline Tactical employs only the most qualified personnel from civilian security forces, Local , federal and state police, all branches of the military and veterans and other recognized security / military training organizations around the world who undergo routine training by professional, certified, and respected Instructors on a regular basis.

2 Our deepest commitment is to our clients who become part of the “Redline Team”, we believe in honesty, security and responsibility and to put those skills into practice every day while instilling the values of discipline, compassion, integrity, honor, and courage! We welcome you to become part of the Reline Tactical Team!

3 Belief in the team concept has proven to be invaluable in all aspects of our lives, not just in security planning and the use of firearms and tactics. As a Client, Student, Staff Member, Security Team Member or Instructor with Redline Tactical, your questions, comments, and feedback are always welcomed, appreciated and acted on.

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Meet The Team

Redline Tactical Training Inc. is a veteran owned and operated US Based Company. Redline Tactical Training is committed to developing and fostering long term working relationships with our students, instructors and clients by providing them with total quality service in the areas of Specialized Security Training; Threat & Vulnerability Assessments; Facility Security Services, Executive/Dignitary Protection; and Certified Tactical Training.

Charles Rozzo - Chief Executive Officer - Redline Tactical Training

Charles Rozzo

Chief Executive Officer
Redline Tactical Training
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Jason Kracun Chief Operations Officer Redline Tactical Training

Jason Kracun

Chief Operations Officer
Redline Tactical Training
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Senior Technical Officer
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