Class schedules:

Contact Redline Tactical Training Inc. @ or call 412-256-8558. if interested in a specific course.

Redline Tactical Training Inc. believes firearms training is extremely important which is why we require you to bring your own handgun to our courses.  It is paramount that students are familiar with and comfortable with the firearm they are operating.  A properly fitted handgun will aid in the accuracy as well as the safe operation during the course of fire (i.e. drawing from a holster, malfunction manipulation, etc.).

Legal Requirements:

All attendees must pass a background check and not be convicted of any felony or misdemeanor which would prohibit you to legally own or possess a firearm.

All attendees must be at least 18 years of age or older.  

All attendees must practice and display safe weapons handling skills at all times.

The minimum enrollment per course is 5 students. Once the student number is met for a specified course, training dates will be scheduled.

Individual(s) who have expressed interest in a particular class will be contacted with the class schedule (date, time, location).  Once a class is scheduled it will be listed on the website in the Event calendar.


Call: 412-256-8558


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