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Charlie A. Rozzo is the owner and Chief Executive Officer at Redline Tactical Training, a company dedicated in providing superior physical security assessments and tactical training services to professional clients at private sector and government industries.  Charlie received his Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officer Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) certification from the Allegheny County Police Training Academy and in continued his career path in law enforcement by receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Phoenix.  Charlie began his law enforcement career over 20 years ago and has worked for numerous municipal police agencies.  He obtained a United States Department of Defense (DOD) Secret Security clearance and was employed by the United States Training Center – Afghanistan Border Police Program, which was contracted by the DOD to instruct and advised the Afghanistan Border Patrol in developing policing strategies for dealing with cross-border offences.  Co- Lateral duties as an Afghanistan Border Patrol Instructor included but not limited to: day to day operation of the Forward Operating Base (FOB) and Tactical Operations Center (TOC), monitoring military airwave transmissions, oversight of the contracted Nepalese security personnel, training the Afghanistan Border Patrol and National Police in small unit tactics, law enforcement, high-risk vehicle interdiction, firearms and foreign special weapons operation.   As an executive level police officer, Charlie was responsible for the safeguarding of a multi-million-dollar complex including asset, employee and visitor protection, detailed budget and intelligence briefings, and constant interactions with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies for updated threat adversaries.  He supervised over 100 federal contracted armed/unarmed security officers and public safety officers with an annual operating budget of over a half million dollars.

Charlie also obtained a Department of Energy Q (Top Secret) clearance and worked for the United States Department of Energy Naval Reactors Program as a Security Police Officer/Training Lieutenant.  He became a member of the Naval Reactors Composite Adversary Team, established to test and evaluate physical security vulnerabilities at high-profile government installations.  He was a certified DOE instructor, armor and firearms instructor.  Charlie remains committed to the law enforcement community and continues to provide a wide range of tactical training to police officers and active military personnel.