CPR, AED, & Basic First Aid Training Course

From: $60.00

Emergency First Aid courses on responding to medical emergencies, including using chest seals and tourniquets, rendering first aid to a downed suspect, and delivering CPR. Complete the courses to improve your first aid and life-saving skills.


CPR, AED, & Basic First Aid Training Course

2 Hours First Half / 4 Hours Second Half

  1. How to schedule a class:
    1. If interested in this class, contact Redline Tactical @ info@redlinett.com or call 412-256-8558.
    2. Individual(s) who have expressed interest will be contacted with the class schedule (date, time, location).
    3. Once a class is scheduled it will be listed on the website in the Event calendar.

First Half:
Course Outline:

* Protecting Yourself
* Legal Consideration
* C.P.R and A.E.D
* Rescue Breaths and Chest Compression
* Automated External Defibrillation

Second Half: 
Course Outline:

First Aid Provider
Primary Assessment and care
Choking & Control of Bleeding
Shock, amputation and Impaled objects
Burns & Sudden Illness
Altered Mental Status
Heat emergencies
Bites and Stings


First Half (CPR) $20.00
Second Half (First Aid) $40.00
Both Classes $60.00

Minimum of 5 Students