Custom Group Firearms Training

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Custom Group Firearms Training Classes

Private Custom Group Firearms Training tailored to your exact needs for your family of Corporation members!

  1. How to schedule a class:
    1. If interested in this class, contact Redline Tactical @ or call 412-256-8558.
    2. Individual(s) who have expressed interest will be contacted with the class schedule (date, time, location).
    3. Once a class is scheduled it will be listed on the website in the Event calendar.

One-on-One Firearms training, learn with your weapon at your own speed with no pressure.

We offer custom pricing options for groups of 6 or more!

Call us today to book your group training event!

If time is an issue, we can tailor a training class to your needs and teach the basic at your home or business depending on your needs.

Contact Redline for more details and begin your training with current or retired Police and Law Enforcement Officers.

Age Acquirement 18 years of age or older

Youths 12 years of age or older may attend the training class if accompanied by a parent or guardian that is also attending the same Custom Group Firearm Training class.

The youth must have safe weapon handling skills at the time of the class.

 Call 412-256-8558 For Pricing!