Handgun 3 (8-hours)

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Prerequisite Handgun 1 + Prerequisite Handgun 2

Handgun training that provides practical instruction on the skills necessary to safely handle, maintain, load, and fire all types of revolver and semi-automatic pistols.


Handgun Training Class 3 – 8 Hours

This Handgun Training is for the beginner Shooter: 

  1. How to schedule a class:
    1. If interested in this class, contact Redline Tactical @ info@redlinett.com or call 412-256-8558.
    2. Individual(s) who have expressed interest will be contacted with the class schedule (date, time, location).
    3. Once a class is scheduled it will be listed on the website in the Event calendar.

Prerequisite Handgun 1 + Prerequisite Handgun 2

Course Outline:

* Firearms safety
* Fundamentals of marksmanship
* Drawing and holstering
* Malfunction clearing
* Range time
* Double taps on the target
* 360 Sweeps
* Strong hand and support hand shooting
* Moving and Shooting
* Engaging a moving target
* Engaging two targets when moving
* Speed loading and tactical reloading

Equipment for Handgun 3

Ammunition (250) Rounds
2 extra magazines and magazine pouch
2-speed loaders and speed loader pouch
Wraparound Safety Glasses
Hearing protection
Long Pants
Long Sleeve shirt
Closed-toe shoes
4 Dummy Rounds

 Call 412-256-8558 For Pricing! 
(Training Dates Pending)