Religious Institution Defensive Tactics Course



Religious Institution Defensive Tactics Course

Religious Institution Defensive Tactics Courses are sponsored by and paid for by the Institution. The cost to the institution is $600 per class, all students are FREE!  Multiple classes are available so that all members can attend!  (Class sizes are based on room occupancy)

  1. How to schedule a class:
    1. If interested in this class, contact Redline Tactical @ or call 412-256-8558.
    2. Individual(s) who have expressed interest will be contacted with the class schedule (date, time, location).
    3. Once a class is scheduled it will be listed on the website in the Event calendar.

This course deals with the person or persons assigned to the position of defending and protecting the Religious Institution and the people attending the place of worship.  Two members of the Redline Tactical Training Inc. will come to your Religious Institution and meet with the members to discuss safety issues, concerns and much more, as well as answer any questions.  

Topics covered but not limited to:

* Religious Institution Defensive Tactics
* Physical Security of the Religious Institution
* Vulnerability of the Religious Institution to attack
* Personal protection as a Religious Institution member
* Active shooter
* History of Active Shooters
* Developing an active shooter plan of action
* Physical armed congregation and security team
* Your responsibility
* Medical treatment plan of action
* Using CCTV as the first line of defense
* Gun Handling skills (Red-Guns)

The Redline Tactical Training Team will later discuss ways to improve the safety of the Religious Institution and provide recommendations on how to make the Religious Institution a safe and more secure place of worship for everyone to attend.  If desired the Redline Tactical Training Team will provide a written report on the findings and make recommendations on potential training needs for the Religious Institution staff and congregation in the future.