Job Summary:
The Range Officer is responsible for the safety of all RLTT customers and staff. The Range Officer should have extensive knowledge about the operation of firearms of all types, and he may be called upon to offer assistance for shooters using the lanes. The Range Officer’s primary duty is to organize, conduct and supervise safe shooting activities and range operations for all shooters at all times. The Range Officer will provide Range orientation as well as ensuring that the entire facility is maintained at the highest standards. 
Essential Functions: 
1. Ensure strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the center at all times 
2. Monitor all activity on the shooting lanes at all times 
3. Assist customers with appropriate lane and target operation 
4. Promote and smoothly execute instructional programs and shooting events 
5. Know and follow emergency response plans when required  
6. Assist in performing end of the day secured inventory shelving 7. Keep center sanitary and neat 
8. Perform all computer functions as assigned by Center Manager 
9. Maintain productive relationships with established customers 
10. Attend training as required by Center Manager 
11. Work as a team player with all staff 
12. Communicate in a professional and courteous manner with everyone 
13. Maintain a well-groomed, professional appearance at all times 
14. Adhere to RLTT policies at all times 

Additional Responsibilities

Special projects as assigned by supervisors 


Physical Requirements

Able to lift 70 lbs
stand or sit for extended periods
21 years or older
High School Diploma or equivalent
Naturally friendly and positive daily attitude
Excellent communication skills
Proficient with handguns, rifles

Proficient with office technology
Highly self-motivated/able to work without direction
Ability to multi-task and prioritize responsibilities
Ability to carry out directives efficiently
Desire to learn new skills and accept responsibility
** Once hired, the RTLL Range Officer must pass the NRA Certified Range Officer test with a score of 90% or better.