We are RedLine Tactical Training

Our proven curriculum is focused on the skills and techniques developed from actual Local, State, Federal and Military Agencies experience in the field, and structured to provide the graduate with the skills necessary to be proficient in self defense techniques as well as becoming an active member of the Law Enforcement and Security Professions.

Graduates of RedLine Tactical Training will be prepared to move to the next step and face the challenges ahead.  If you are seriously interested in entering the challenging and financially rewarding field then you need the BEST in the field.


Training on the Edge

Redline Tactical Training provides comprehensive tactical training courses for law enforcement, military, uniformed security, etc… Learn the latest innovative, tested, and proven tactics from instructors actively utilizing and teaching these skills domestically and abroad.

Experienced Professionals

Our instructor cadre is comprised of operators from both the military and law enforcement Special Operations Communities (CAG, Dev Gru, Army SF, Recon, Air Force PJ’s, SWAT, FBI HRT).  Our primary objective is to teach students the requisite skills they will need to survive in any environment.

Real World Skills

Our training programs are reality-based and focus on the skills and tactics necessary to survive deadly force encounters in urban and rural environments.  Tactics and techniques taught during our courses are combined with realistic training scenarios to enhance the students’ tactical skill set.

Respected Certifications

Students attending our courses will develop the confidence and decisiveness they will need to make sound decisions in any tactical scenario.  All of our certified courses were created using industry best practices from both the military and law enforcement professions, in conjunction with the vast real-world experiences of our instructors.

Security Training on the Next Level!

1 We incorporate the best aspects of Civilian, Military and other recognized training schools to create an environment focused on achieving a well rounded student, that is trained is a professional, safe, and controlled environment, who can competently act in stressful situations.

2 Our commitment is to our students and instructors who become part of the “family” that believe in security and responsibility and to put those skills into practice every day while instilling the values of discipline, compassion, integrity, honor, and courage!

3 These hard fought skills, values and processes we expertly train our students in, have proven to be invaluable in all aspects of their daily lives, not just in the use of firearms and tactics. As a Student, Staff Member, Security Team Member or instructor with Redline your questions, comments, and feedback are always welcomed, appreciated and acted on.

Train Hard - Train Smart - Train as a team!

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